What is Branding?

Understanding the concept and potential of this powerful business tool and how it relates to other business efforts, such as Marketing.

What’s Branding?

Let’s first think about the concept of a BRAND, which talks about something that has a distinct and unique property, when compared to other somethings. For example, when going to the supermarket, you will buy a particular Brand of butter, instead of another. These choices are made several times a day, and for many different reasons, not just because of flavor or price. The truth is, there are several triggers working together in order to connect a need to an offer. Think of it like this: the Brand is an umbrella.

This is Branding.

As the image above shows, despite of what many people believe, a Brand is not just a logotype and a name. A Brand can be described as a combination of assets, both real and imaginary. Although most of us get introduced to their real aspects — for instance when you see them on a shelf — there is a great deal of layers under their skin. We might say that Brands have quite an important metaphysical side. Therefore, the job of Branding is to give life to all of those aspects and assets.

The Brand is the music. The conductor is the Branding exercise.

Imagine a huge orchestra playing their instruments. The Brand is the music, the song to be played. In other lines, the Brand is the vessel of a powerful idea, a clear message with feelings and promises. Everything starts with just that, which is the concept of a business idea. Therefore, our conductor is the Branding exercise. Yes, you’ve guessed it. Playing a song in perfect sync is quite hard. Can you guess which are the instruments in that orchestra? One of the most important ones is Marketing.

So, during the exercise of Branding, Marketing is the business tool used to define the tactical moves of a company seeking growth. In basic lines, using a bit of the thoughts of the great Marketing master, Mr. Phillip Kotler, to define your basic strategy, you must think about the 5 P’s:

  • Product: What are you offering? It can be a service too.
  • Place: Where are you going to be? Local, global, online?
  • People: To whom are you offering? Define your target.
  • Price: How much you are willing to charge? Calculate your margins and define who you will be competing with. The price you choose will place you in a group with other Brands in the same segment (unless you are in a blue ocean).
  • Promotion: How are you going to communicate, and using which tools? Advertising, emails, letters, public relations, partnerships, events?

​Among many options and possible ways to define your Marketing tactics and all other business tools, there is a way to have a clear path: Your Brand will guide you. The Brand sheds a light into Strategy, giving Marketing a strong sense of direction.

​It’s not just about knowing the assets of a product, or service.
It’s not just about communicating well, or being different.

It’s about finding a business true inner uniqueness. It means going out there with a meaningful offer that connects to the world’s conscious and unconscious needs.

This is why Brands have the power to touch us profoundly, going deep into people’s hearts and minds, searching the exact spark that generates an emotional aspiration.

People say “Your Brand has to be emotional, it needs to create meaning to people!”

That’s easier said than done.
The hardest part is to know what are the right emotions to bring, and what kind of meaning. Your Brand is not capable of touching all good things at once. Let’s go back to the orchestra allegory: Think of our favorite song in the world. That song has a clear message, that touches your heart in an unique way. This is why there’s the idea of Positioning when we talk about Strategy. It’s about picking, as a Brand, your “spot in the sun”.

It takes understanding people and their deep desires, to create real connections. ​The job of every Branding expert is to delve, experience, ask the right questions. It’s to understand not only WHAT is the Brand offering, but most importantly, WHY.

​Why does your Brand exist?
Why does it matter?

​The answer to those questions guides HOW a company should to go to market, thus enhancing its path to prosperity. ​And it will thrive as long as what is offered is true, and all instruments are well played.


It’s the development of rational, emotional and sensory triggers that connect a Branded idea to a set of people’s ideals.

Branding uses inspiring insights and the correct instruments to make beautiful and long term bonds. For it connects an idea to ideals out there. And make no mistake: the term in “ING” is not by accident. It’s a continuous exercise, creating a story that can go forever. There is no finish line.

Yes, Brands can be immortal. Isn’t it awesome?

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