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4 min readNov 26, 2020


Brands can have a positive effect on our Christmas spirit during the pandemic. Here’s why.

History tells that gifts are a vehicle of allegiance, a bridge for connection by being a symbol of affection and care.

But the facts in our history may never eclipse a fantastic story created by men: For many centuries now, on the night of December 24th, a magical creature called Santa Claus, flies all over the world (respecting time zones), visiting houses in order to reward us for our good deeds.

Santa’s one-night-quest to bring gifts is a message of love, capable of spreading hope and joy to everyone.

Christmas is a time to rejoice and straighten our bonds with people. The true spirit of this date remains strong in many places around the Globe, for many reasons. First, our human thirst for happiness. This is perhaps why many of us look forward to grant wishes, giving smiles all around.

Second, because we discovered that best way to show our honest affection and receive affection in return, is to find the perfect treat that best matches the personality or ideals of the ones we love.

Third, because it also gives us an excuse to give rewards to ourselves, allowing a few pleasures with lesser guilt, or simply, to be felt as therapy.

This is why Christmas and Brands go so well together.

Brands all over the world seek to be the chosen treasure, that will bring joy, happy memories, and stronger relationships.

Rather if it’s by a donation or purchase, Santa’s purpose brings not only happiness to all gift receivers, but also to the ones keeping the wheel of economy moving.

But if Santa knows about our behavior each year, he certainly knows about what’s going on in the world. During the Pandemic, most of us must stay home in order to help others.

And although many would qualify his job as something essential, specially during such difficult times, I’m sure he’s home right now taking the necessary measures to maintain the Christmas spirit alive, while keeping everyone safe. Perhaps is not wise to take his sled for a world tour this year. Maybe he already created synergies with logistic companies, who knows?

The truth is, Santa can also count on us to keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

For during times of social distance, human beings seek proximity, as a path to emotional treatment, as a matter of survival.

This is why I believe many people are joining the celebrations earlier this year, as a way to cope with the bizarre situation we are facing thanks to this pandemic.

When staying home is an act of love, Christmas online looks to be the solution to help love shorten distances. Such blessing is brought thanks to everyone who keeps on working, in many different areas of expertise.

This might just be the “extra elf” that Santa needs in order to reach everyone, reminding us that the sun will rise again. After December’s solstice, the dark nights will be shorter, and the new light will bring new hope.

So, if you’re still a critic of how Brands profit on Christmas time, or believe that Christmas is a commercial capitalist scam, might be the time to think of the meaning of gift giving. Let’s not be unfair, pointing our fingers to the wrong direction.

As Santa Claus wisely knows, the Capitalist system is not the problem. But men often are.

The way Brand leaders play in the economical system is the best way to evaluate which brands deserve to be part of our Christmas, or not.

Questions we could to ask ourselves before choosing our gifts: Is the Brand buying from sustainable suppliers, or is it buying from illegal sources? Is the Brand acting with virtue, or is it just a social mask? Is the Brand hiring people by giving them contracts by law, or is it going against real capitalism, by profiting on slavery?

As Santa Claus divides those who were good from those who behaved badly, so should we when considering the Brands to be part of our lives, and by consequence, part of this festivity. Specially this year, when the Christmas spirit has become beyond essential to keep us sane.

If we give into this magical period by behaving ourselves a bit like “Santas”, the true spirit of Christmas will connect to the true spirit of Capitalism. To give merit, to reward those with good attitudes and star values. Santa’s job is more than essential this year. And so are our choices.

Merry Christmas. :)



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