The need for escapism and the appreciation for period dramas are not the main explanations for Bridgerton’s success on Netflix. What’s behind this new sensation is a response to a latent outcry. Let’s uncover it!

Bridgerton on Netflix
Bridgerton on Netflix

No doubt, Netflix hit jackpot together with Julia Quinn, Shondaland and Chris Van Dusen. The book series came to our home screens and people were immediately enchanted. Which brings us to the obvious question: Why?

The main reason is to be revealed.

Every Brand’s job is to understand what drives human emotions and needs, and address them with the right offer. As people researchers, we…

Brands can have a positive effect on our Christmas spirit during the pandemic. Here’s why.

History tells that gifts are a vehicle of allegiance, a bridge for connection by being a symbol of affection and care.

But the facts in our history may never eclipse a fantastic story created by men: For many centuries now, on the night of December 24th, a magical creature called Santa Claus, flies all over the world (respecting time zones), visiting houses in order to reward us for our good deeds.

Santa’s one-night-quest to bring gifts is a message of love, capable of spreading hope and joy to everyone.

Christmas is a time to rejoice and straighten our bonds with people. The true…

Ceder ao conceito de Propósito no seu negócio é a coisa mais relevante e corajosa que você pode fazer pela sua empresa, especialmente em momentos como esse.

“O único propósito das pessoas ao abrir um negócio é ganhar dinheiro”.

Quantas vezes ouvi pessoas de negócios dizerem essas palavras? Incontáveis.
Há quem duvide sobre a importância do Propósito. Não podemos culpá-los por pensar que o dinheiro está por trás de tudo, porque em muitos casos, a verdadeira razão de ser de uma empresa ainda não está consciente. É difícil estourar a bolha sobre o que realmente está motivando empreendedores.

Então, deixe-me ser uma agulha.

Para começar, posso dizer o seguinte: Debaixo dessas visões racionais, reside a incompreensão sobre o que é o Propósito.

Não me entenda mal. Eu concordo com a visão de que o triunfo de uma empresa nunca dependerá apenas de um bom slogan. Nenhuma…

To give in to the concept of Purpose in your business is the most relevant and brave thing you can do for your company, especially during times like these.

“People’s sole purpose when opening a business is to make money.”

How many times have I heard business people say those words? Countless.

There are people who believe that, when it comes to opening a business, it’s all about the money. The truth is, we can’t blame the incredulous, because in many cases the real reason behind a company’s foundation is not yet conscious. It’s hard to burst the bubble on what’s actually driving entrepreneurs.

So, let me be a needle.

I’ll start with this: Under those rational beliefs, lies misunderstanding of what Purpose is.

Don’t get me wrong. I agree with the notion that the triumph of a company will never solely depend…

We all have been through moments of uncertainty, or moments when we doubt our decisions as business managers. But here’s what I would do when facing those feelings.

Whenever feelings of doubt of insecurity blossom in your mind when thinking about the strategy of your business, I’d take a moment to breathe. Those feelings are quite normal, and you might be right about them. Your gut might be pressing an inside alarm button. But it’s also very much likely that your mind could be playing tricks on you, based on anxiety.

The decision to decrease the risk of sticking to something unfruitful, urging you to change course of action as soon as possible, it’s something provided by our dear reptilian brain, who’s bringing fear into the equation. Don’t…

Your Brand has the upper hand during a crisis. Here’s how to keep focus on your most important asset, even when everything else is playing against you.

Times are not easy. As the world faces a viral enemy, the global economy already feels the inevitable aftermath of the pandemic. In order to recover and go back to the previous status quo in which the world was living in before, is going to costs us a few years.

This means everything we know in theory is being questioned, and hard choices are to be made. Hearts will break, empires will fall, dreams will end, projects might not be concluded. This means S*%#! just got real.

Countless small and medium businesses are raising the flag, losing their chance…

Understanding the concept and potential of this powerful business tool and how it relates to other business efforts, such as Marketing.

What’s Branding?

Let’s first think about the concept of a BRAND, which talks about something that has a distinct and unique property, when compared to other somethings. For example, when going to the supermarket, you will buy a particular Brand of butter, instead of another. These choices are made several times a day, and for many different reasons, not just because of flavor or price. The truth is, there are several triggers working together in order to connect a need to an offer. Think of it like this: the Brand is an umbrella.

Some of our favorite Brands stayed close to us during the pandemic lock down. Others were put on quarantine mode. What are the key elements which define what we select to be part of our lives, specially during hard times?


1. The temporary distance.

Of course, being in our house as a measure of protection obligates us to keep distance from activities that are part of our daily routine. You can think about the restaurants or bars you miss going to, visiting museums and events, missing stores and other services you usually purchase… This also includes touristic destinations. There are a lot of places…

At some point quarantine will be over. With this, a new Age will begin, specially for Brands. And it’s all about what’s essential.

Sato Light Tunnel — My Modern Met

Staying home to save the world will be definitely qualified as a curious moment in the History of mankind, to say the least. Despite the obvious intention on flattening the curve of contamination, the greatest concern also involves the economic outcomes as the inevitable aftermath. Recession and high rates of unemployment are already happening, and its effects will affect more people than the number of souls we lost over the virus “made in China”.

More than affecting our pockets and family income, the pandemic of 2020 has already changed us. Take it as the remarkable moment where Neo swallows his…

What could come out during this period of isolation.

I love the word “insight”, specially now. Modern times have been telling us to believe that insights are something rare, unique, and worthy of tons of money.

Only very creative people might be capable of such inspiring and singular ideas that change the game.” - is what people usually say about insights. Sure, many of the stories I’ve come to know, are just like that.

In every brainstorming meeting I’ve participated in, there was always someone motivating the group saying: “We need to think outside the box”. It’s hard not to immediately visualize it: You are inside a container. It’s…

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